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Benefits of Truckers Having Pets 

The benefits of truckers having pets provide a positive mental and physical impact on a truckers' well-being.

Trucking In Extreme Weather Conditions

Learn about the challenges, dangers and best practices for drivers when trucking in extreme weather conditions.

Truck Stop Parking Fees

Truck Stop Parking fees vary greatly depending on amenities, safety, and proximity to the highway. Parking for truck drivers ranges from free to hourly, daily, or monthly. Learn how you can get the best value and safety from your parking spot.

Best Trucking Company To Work For In Texas

We put together a list of the most prominent firms to help you choose the best trucking company to work for in Texas.

Truck Theft Protection

If you talk about truck theft protection to someone who has never had anything to do with big rigs, they’ll usually respond with, “What? Who steals trucks? That’s absurd.” Since trucks are bigger in size than standard cars and other… Continue reading Truck Theft Protection

Mack vs Peterbilt

Mack vs. Peterbilt? In every smoke-filled trucker bar and online forum, the debate rages on. In this article, we compare them on key elements including comfort and style, reliability, the total cost of ownership, and driver experience. Mack and Peterbilt… Continue reading Mack vs Peterbilt

Lunch Ideas for Truckers

It is a challenge for truck drivers to consume a well-balanced diet. It can also be challenging to make healthy meals when you don’t always have access to fresh produce and a fully stocked kitchen. Many drivers are enticed to… Continue reading Lunch Ideas for Truckers

The Advantages of a 20-Speed Transmission

Using a 20-speed transmission truck can be a great way to increase the efficiency of your fleet and keep up with today’s ever-changing road conditions. If you are in the market for a new commercial truck, you may be wondering… Continue reading The Advantages of a 20-Speed Transmission