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Truck Theft Protection

If you talk about truck theft protection to someone who has never had anything to do with big rigs, they’ll usually respond with, “What? Who steals trucks? That’s absurd.” Since trucks are bigger in size than standard cars and other… Continue reading Truck Theft Protection

If you talk about truck theft protection to someone who has never had anything to do with big rigs, they’ll usually respond with, “What? Who steals trucks? That’s absurd.”

Since trucks are bigger in size than standard cars and other vehicles, not to mention they are easier to trace, people often underestimate the probability of someone stealing a commercial truck.

This sometimes translates to carelessness from commercial drivers not adequately securing their trucks when they step away from their rig to excuse themselves or grab something to eat and, in doing so, provide ample opportunity to people with hostile intent.

If you have been worrying about the safety of your truck when out on the job, here are some simple yet effective strategies for truck protection against theft.

Strategies For Truck Theft Protection

The leading cause of truck theft is their value. Trucks may also contain goods that are more lucrative to thieves. It’s like catching two birds with one stone; they get the truck and the cargo.

So, taking adequate measures to save your truck from theft is essential. 

Locking the Doors: The Prerequisite

Many truck drivers need to pay more attention to door locks, especially when they are going somewhere nearby. 

Thieves love unattended, unlocked trucks. And why wouldn’t they? What’s better than saving yourself from the pain of breaking the lock to steal the vehicle?

So, the first thing anyone would tell you about truck theft protection is to make sure you roll up your windows and lock all doors whenever you step out of your truck. 

Tire Clamps

Double Wheel Clamps Provide Straightforward Truck Theft Protection

A tire clamp is your best pick if you are looking for a simple truck theft protection device. You can find tire clamps from various competent manufacturers to protect your truck. The best part is that it does not require any technical installation. 

You just have to clamp one of your vehicle’s tires and lock it. The clamps have an all-metal design and rubber-tipped ends to ensure that it does not damage your tires or break under non-ideal circumstances.


Trailer and truck immobilizers are among the most popular anti-theft devices in the market these days. They are an excellent example of how modern vehicle technology helps increase the safety of your truck. 

Vehicle immobilizers use a key or software application to immobilize the engine. They typically work on the starter motor or ignition and require you to add a pin to drive the truck. If a thief tries starting your vehicle using the wrong key, the engine will not start.

Remember that while most new trucks come with built-in immobilizers, you might have to install them if you are driving an older model.

Audible Alarm System

Another simple yet effective way to prevent theft is to use an alarm system. The alarm system monitors the voltage changes and vibrations in the truck. Thus, the alarm sounds when some external force is applied to the body of your truck. 

Depending on your settings, alarm systems can keep blaring for twenty minutes until you shut them off manually. It is usually enough time to raise suspicion about your truck, even if the thief has taken off. 

Theft Deterrent Decals

Theft deterrent decals are a commercial driver’s best friend; they not only protect your trailer or truck by preventing towing, driving, or pushing away without a fob or key, but the sensors of these devices also save you from wheel theft. 

Theft Deterrent Decals are an Affordable Method of Truck Theft Protection

They are not real alarm systems but are designed solely for the purpose of discouraging theft solely from their presence. They also cost you a fraction of the price of an actual alarm system.

They provide the cheapest alternative on this list of security devices while playing with a thief’s mind psychologically.

Smart Keys

Using smart keys for your truck can be an ideal way to prevent theft, as no one can start it without the smart key. 

The antenna ring in the smart key with a chip sends signals through radio frequency. The transponder chip replies to the signal at a unique ping. If the correct signal is sent, your truck will start. 

At the same time, a wrong key will give the wrong signal, preventing the engine from starting.

Apple Air Tags

Apple air tags are not the most suitable choice for truck theft protection. However, they are extremely helpful in locating trucks should theft occur.

Instead of throwing it in the truck’s dashboard or under the driving seat, hiding it in a safe spot is recommended. Also, remove the speaker from the air tag to prevent criminals from discovering its presence. 

Afterward, you can easily track your vehicle using your phone. It might be challenging to monitor the exact location of a moving vehicle, but hey, at least you’ll have an edge.

Truck Theft Protection Tips

Here are some extra tips to ensure your truck stays safe.

  • One common mistake many truck drivers make is leaving the keys inside the truck. If you leave the keys in the truck, you present your vehicle to thieves. Keys are effortless to see if they are in the ignition, thus, making your truck more susceptible to harmful activity.
  • Dark areas are a thief’s best friend. They prefer dark areas with low lights with lower chances of getting caught; they do not have to make an extra effort to conceal themselves. So, you can protect your vehicle from theft by parking it in a well-lit area
  • Usually, companies have accidental vehicle insurance, and you may ask about it. If you own a truck, ensure it is insured and DOT-compliant to avoid a significant setback in case of theft. 

Remember that your safety is more important than your vehicle’s; therefore, if you encounter an armed criminal, do not resist. 

The Bottom Line

Truck theft is more common than believed, so it is critical to take adequate measures to avoid losing your truck. These tips and strategies for basic truck theft prevention can protect you and your property from theft. Most of all, be vigilant, park in safe, well-lit parking lots, and do not leave your vehicle unattended for long periods of time.